Vision and Mission

The strategic values and objectives

Education at Bishop Jerome Institute is about self confidence, challenge and enjoyment. It teaches the importance of constructive questioning and a sense of responsibility with compassion, confidence and creativity.

Our Vision

To Impart Technical Education and to foster a scientific temper to the local community that leads to academic excellence and to the development of an integral personality.

Our Mission

Bishop Jerome Institute is committed to provide University Education in a Christian atmosphere to deserving students, especially of the Catholic Community. However it does admit other students also irrespective of caste and creed. The College aims at maintaining an ambience conducive to academic pursuits, and at encouraging in its alumni an observing eye and an enquiring mind that should facilitate research and eventually raise them to the ranks of the eminent. The institution has also a social mission which is to turn out leaders with a social commitment and moral values; leaders who will pioneer social transformations for a brighter world.

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