Student Grievances

The Student Grievance Redressal Committee 2023-24

The Student Grievance Redressal Committee at Bishop Jerome Institute is committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment for all students, and works to address any concerns they may have. The committee ensures that students’ grievances are handled in a professional and transparent manner, and strives to maintain a positive and productive campus community.

Contact Info : 9447028270 [Convenor]

Internal Grievance redress committee has been reconstituted academic year 2023-24, with the following staff on board.

Committee Members

  • Dr. D Roshan Kumar
    Principal, Chairperson
  • Mr.Teetu Babu.
    Asst.Prof.Basic Sciences [Convenor]
  • Mr. Anil G.S.
    Associate Prof, MBA
  • Mr.Ashok John Oommen
    Dean, Arch.



  • Ms. Ryfana Subair
    Asst. Prof. Civil
  • Ms.Beena Varghese
    Asst Prof. EEE
  • Mr.Akhil Peter
    Student representative

Grievances Redressal Form

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