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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering has been a part of BJI since inception in 2010. The department offers 4-Year B.Tech Degree Programme in Civil Engineering with an annual intake of 60 students. The Department has well-qualified faculty members and laboratory staff. The Department has well-equipped laboratories.
Being the broadest of engineering fields, Civil Engineering curriculum is divided into several sub disciplines and is in such a way that the students are given exposure to Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Construction Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Surveying. The course enables students to learn analysis, design, execution and maintenance of structures like buildings, bridges, dams, roads, tunnels, offshore structures, airports, harbours, water supply and water and waste water treatment plants etc.

  1. Strength of Materials Lab
  2. Concrete Lab
  3. Geo Technical Engineering Lab
  4. Transportation Engineering Lab
  5. Survey Lab
  6. Environmental Engineering Lab
  7. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab

Ms.JASMIN JACOB of BTech (Civil Engg.) secured CGPA of 9.67 for S6 B.Tech results of Kerala University announced in January 2017

B Tech Degree Programme in Civil Engineering (Four Year, Regular, Full Time)

1) Strength of Materials Lab
The department has a well equipped ‘Strength of Materials Laboratory’ for testing the properties of engineering materials used in various constructions. The equipments in this lab consist of Universal Testing Machine of 100tn capacity, Compression Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine etc.

2) Concrete Lab
The Concrete Lab provides facilities for mix design, pouring, curing and testing of concrete specimens and members. The properties of basic construction materials like cement, fresh concrete, hardened concrete, bricks and tiles can be evaluated. The various apparatus includes Vicat Apparatus, Le Chateliers’ flask, Le Chateliers’ mould, IS sieves, Slump Cone, Cube and Cylinder Moulds etc. The machinery includes Compression Testing Machine (2000kN capacity), Flexure Testing Machine (100kN capacity), Hot Air Oven (250°C), Tile Testing Machine, Sieve Shaker, Vibration Machine, Consistometer, Vibrating Table and Concrete Mixer. Other certain facilities like Hot Air Oven, Casting Yard, and Curing Tank is also available.

3) Geo Technical Engineering Lab
This laboratory has equipments for testing the properties of soil both in field and in lab. It is equipped with instruments and machineries for conducting laboratory tests. Tests to determine the index properties, particle size distribution, shear parameters and consolidation characteristics and permeability of soil can be conducted in the laboratory. The lab is equipped with instruments for conducting the Plate Load Test, Standard Penetration Test, Shear Strength, Specific Gravity Relative Density etc.

4) Transportation Engineering Lab
Transportation Engineering Lab has facility for testing the properties of bitumen aggregates and soil. The various tests performed for finding the quality of aggregates include crushing value test, abrasion test, impact value test, specific gravity test and shape test. Test on bitumen includes viscosity test, ductility test, softening point test, penetration test, specific gravity test, flash and fire point test. Test on soil includes compaction test and CBR test. Lab also has facilities for doing bituminous mix design by Marshall Stability Apparatus. The supporting equipments for the mix design such as asphalt mixer and automatic compactor are also available in the lab. Bituminous Extractor is also available in the lab, which is used to determine the percentage of bitumen in bituminous mixes.

5) Survey Lab
Survey Lab has instruments for almost all sorts of field works from conventional to modern methods of surveying. It includes instruments like plane table, precision theodolites, levelling instruments etc. A total station, an electronic device which measures horizontal and vertical angles and slope distances in a single integrated unit, will be added to the collection very soon.

6) Environmental Engineering Lab
The Environmental Lab has the provision to analyse the water qualities like pH, dissolved Oxygen, total solids, hardness, residual Chlorine, alkalinity etc. The Lab is well equipped with machineries like pH Meter, Visible Spectrophotometer, Jar Test Apparatus, BOD Incubator, Colorimeter, Nephelometer, Water Bath, Hot Air Oven, Muffle Furnace etc.

7) Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab
The basic aim of the fully equipped lab is to prepare Civil Engineering Drawings – plan, section and elevation of buildings. The lab also aims at enabling the students to apply spreadsheets in Civil Engineering. The use of structural analysis software for analysis of various structures is the hallmark of this lab.


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